Persona? What is it? Well, persona more often than not is recognized as a video game that is made by Atlus, currently, consists of 5 series with RPG as its genre. Although you may have a different understanding of what persona is, our beloved search engine (google) shows us what people thought of first about persona, a video game.

Jokes aside, we will not discussed about video game with the titled persona in this article, at least I am not that evil to create a video game article’s clickbait with this kind of title :D. The persona that we are…

TDD and Having Fun Coding. and how I finally managed to do both at… | by Travis Kaufman | wITh love | Medium

Imagine you’re a full time software developer, tasked to create a currency trader app that will let customer to exchange its money to another currency with ease. Your manager tells you that it is using Rupiah as its main currency and only allowed exchange between rupiah and another currency. After a lot of development process with your co-worker, you finally finished the app and it was ready for deployment. However, due to the rapid development of your company, an order came from your manager to extend its functionality and made it accessible for another currency to trade with each other…

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”
Stephen Hawking

Nowadays, industry is a very unstable world. How many times you was asked by the client for a change in requirements, even thought its not the time for it in your process models? A lot? I have experienced it too. So, whose fault is it? Is it your client/business team fault for not research the requirements needed? Your fault for not developing it fast enough? Or even this industry itself is the problem? Well, as wise man said, blaming will not change a thing instead, come with a solution. …

Git is a very popular version control system (VCS). It is widely used due to their fast, yet lightweight size, while also having many features that we could not find in another version control system. It is so synonymous with software development, that nearly every software developer have used it at least once. In this writing, I will try to introduce you to Git and a brief guide of using git in your project. Grab your seat, get your popcorn ready, and have fun reading this article!

What is version control system?

Taken from, they define version control system as:

Version control is a…

Load Balancing Theory

For a beginner like me, learning load balancing could be difficult. Especially when you’re just learning django as your web framework and using windows as your OS. Why i am telling you all, windows is a problem? Well, to be fair enough, Linux is better in windows performance wise for this job, and there aren’t many literature or information about that in web. This reason, alongside with my university’s exercise leads me to write this blog, especially for us, who just learned about website development. So what are we waiting about? Let’s begin!

First of all, why we need to…


Just a so so learner

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